Welcome to Thai Stories Restaurant

Welcome to Thai Stories Restauraant. We now offer light, fresh and authentic Thai food for those who know and love good food. Thai food has temper but it can be made as not spicy at all, gently mild or even super hot. So you can have it all on whatever taste you'd like. Our menu is amazingly versatile. One dish can have as many as five or more variations. Although beef, chicken, pork and seafood are most often used vegetarian dishes are equally popular. 

​​Our traditional Thai seasonings may seem complex but truly, they're absolute not. Garlic, lemongrass, cilantro, basil, chili, peppers, curry, ginger, onions, eggplant, kaffir lime leaves and a lot more. We believe that many of them are your everyday favorites. The secret of our cooking is to maintain a delicate balance between spices and main ingredients so that one does not overwhelm the other.

We pride ourselves in serving you the freshest, most delicious, healthy Thai dishes in Woodbridge and surroundings…….Thai Stories Restaurant.